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Please Help

For those mathematica wizs, please help me.

My question is how to find the max. value of its neighbors in a matrix, i.e.

if you have a matrix

   1 2 3
   2 3 4
   2 1 1

(it'll always be a square matrix)

the max of the neighbors of cell [1,1] would be 3 (cell [2,2]), right?
so new cell [1,1] will be 3. Like that, you'll have a new matrix, in this case,

  3 4 4
  3 4 4 
  3 4 4

(including the cell itself, e.g. cell [2,3]) and the boundaries are all 0s.

Now I don't want to use like variable a[i,j], instead I wanna use a={{...},...,{...}}

PLease help me if you would.

Thanks in advance.

Takuo Henmi 


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