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Re: Re: supplying an arbitrary number of lists to functions

MathSource item:  0200-552: 2D Plots of Multiple Lists of Data is a newer
version of MultipleListPlot with will handle a list of lists w/o
contortions as well as provide some nice legending abililty.
Alternatively, the suggestion of
MultipleListPlot[Apply[Sequence,data]] (MultipleListPlot[Sequence @@ data])
suggested below gets the job done as well

Tom Zeller
Wolfram Research Technical Support

>In article <4l792h$1ov at>
>Dirk Kautz <kautz at> writes:
>> Given a list of lists like
>> data = {{a,b},{c,d},...}},
>> how do  I provide a function f[x__] which takes an arbitrary number
>> of lists as input, with the sublists of the above list?
>> In my special case, I want to do:
>> MultipleListPlot[{a,b},{c,d},...]
>> Of course, if the list is not too long, I can always do
>> MultipleListPlot[data[[1]],data[[2]],...],
>> but what in the general case?
>I do not understand what your f[x__] is supposed to do, but
>your special case has an easy solution. If
>data = {{a,b},{c,d},...}}, then
>MultipleListPlot[data[[1]], data[[2]], ...] is the same as
>MultipleListPlot[Sequence @@ data].
>Arnd Roth
>Abteilung Zellphysiologie
>Max-Planck-Insitut fuer Medizinische Forschung
>Postfach 10 38 20, D-69028 Heidelberg, Germany


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