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Inverse of IntegerDigits? and "Index" function?

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  • Subject: [mg3922] Inverse of IntegerDigits? and "Index" function?
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  • Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 03:28:20 -0400
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Excuse me if I'm being particularly inept this morning, but can anyone offer
any help on the following problems please?

Inverse of IntegerDigits
I'm playing around with some binary numbers, and am using IntegerDigits
to convert from a decimal integer to the binary notation.  eg.
	In[1]:=	IntegerDigits[10,2]
	Out[1]=	{1,0,1,0}

What is the function to convert back? eg. I want to do
	In[2]:=	DigitsToInteger[{1,0,1,0},2]
and get
	Out[2]= 10
I've scoured the manual and can't find the function.  This led me to
try to write my own function, which identified another problem...

"Index" Function
Writing a function to convert back is easy in principle, eg.
 DigitsToInteger[x_,n_] := Apply[Plus[Map[(#*n^(Index[#]-1))&, Reverse[x]]]]

would do the trick, but I seem to require a function, that I've called
Index[] here, that when Map[]'d across a list returns the position of
each element.  Thus I want a function that works as follows:

 	In[3]:=	Map[Index[#]&, {2,6,3,9,10,2,4}]
	Out[3]= {1,2,3,4,5,6,7}

But I can't seem to find this function either!

For the moment I'm using the following more Fortran-like function, which
works, but disturbs my sensibilities:
 DigitsToInteger[x_,n_] :=
    Module[{int=0, l},
            l = Reverse[x];
            Do  [int = int + 2^(i-1)*l[[i]],
                 {i, Length[i]}

Any suggestions?

Paul E Howland                                  Tel. +44 (0)1684 895767
Long Range Ground Radar Sensors                 Fax. +44 (0)1684 896315
LSC2 Division                                 Email. PEHOWLAND at DRA.HMG.GB
Defence Research Agency
St Andrews Road
Worcestershire, WR14 3PS, UK


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