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Re: Replace/No Rearrangement


Rempe> Hi, parts, so I don't want rearrangement.  For example,
Rempe>         t=a+b+c+d
Rempe>         t[[2]]=x
Rempe> Mathematica reorders the function Out[47]= a + c + d + x
Rempe> Instead, I want the output this way

I use "ClearAttributes[]" to remove arrangement. For example,

In[1]:= Unprotect[Plus]; ClearAttributes[Plus,Orderless];
In[2]:= t=a+b+c+d
Out[2]= a + b + c + d
In[3]:= t[[2]]=x
Out[3]= x
In[4]:= t
Out[4]= a + x + c + d

Tatsuki Inoue 
Dept.of Manag.Sci., Science Univ.of Tokyo
E-mail: tatsu at

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