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Is there a Bug in Plot function ?

I plotted a rather simple function via:

k = 1;
dk = 0.1;

W[x_] = 2 Cos[ 2 Pi ( dk/2 x ) ] Sin[ 2 Pi ( k x ) ]

Plot[ W[x,0] , {x,-20,20}, PlotStyle->{Thickness[0.002]} ]

and the resulting plot has severe problems, such as straight lines 
connecting points on the curve where the sinusoidal cycles that 
should have appeared simply were skipped.

I have made adjustments to the PlotStyle settings, and at times I 
can get some plots to be correct (various values of k and dk).  But 
there is little consistency, and most combinations are not plotted 

Is there any solution or explanation to this problem ?  Also, I 
wonder if it is kernel specific.  I have Mathematica version 2.2.4 
student edition, for Windows.

Christopher R. Carlen
crobc at           (please send mail here)
carlenC at

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