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Re: recovering from forgetfulness

In article <5q50pb$bld$2 at>, Richard Gass
<gass at> wrote:

> Michael wrote
> >Is there a way in Mathematica to recover from forgetting to include a
> >package?  For example, I type:
> >
> >ImplicitPlot[x^2+y^2==1,{x,-1,1}]
> >
> >and Mathematica returns the same thing back.  So I go, "Ooops, I forgot
> >to load a package."  So I type:
> >
> ><<Graphics`ImplicitPlot`
> >
> >but instead of being all nice and good this gives me errors like:
> >
> >Set::write:Tag ImplicitPlot in Options[ImplicitPlot] is Protected.
> >
> >Clear[ImplicitPlot] does not help.  Even after trying to load
> >ImplicitPlot, I am still stuck with an expression that just evaluates to
> >itself.
> >
> >Is there any way to reset Mathematica without quitting even the kernel?

i think Remove[ImplicitPlot] works.


richard j. gaylord, university of illinois, gaylord at

"What I cannot create, I do not understand"
           -Richard P. Feynman-

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