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Ellipsoid in Mma

In using the linear regression standard package, one finds that
as an option, Regress will give the confidence ellipsoid for fitted 
parameters. However, "Ellipsoid" is not well documented; in fact, a 
two-dimensional confidence ellipse is mentioned but no more than that. 
"Ellipsoid" is apparently recognized as a graphics primitive by Graphics 
but not by Graphics 3D. What does one do with the information contained 
in "Ellipsoid"? There are 
several different methods to parametrize an ellipsoid, and I can't find 
any indication of which one is used. I have looked in the Mathematica 
3.0 book, the online help for Mma 3.0, and in the "Guide to Standard 
Mathematica Packages Version 2.2".

My thanks if you can assist; my apologies if I've overlooked something 

John K.C. Lewis
Department of Physics & Physical Oceanography
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NF
Canada A1B 3X7.

FAX: (709) 737-8739

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