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Hi all,
maybe Iam off topic, but I have to risc this.
I am a registered user of Mma 3.0 (high school version) and I have
installed it an my home PC. Some of the stuff I programmed there is
for my students. So I have to show this in school. For this I have
also a Notebook. BUT: Because of the new copy-protection I cant
install Mma on the Notebbok too (other Math-ID).
Only comment from Wolfram: buy a second license!!
What, if a sell my PC, buy a new and want install Mma on this PC
again? Buy Mma once again :-((
So, does anyone know a workaround for this (nonsens) copy-protection.
Is there a file where the PW is saved ....?
Thanks for any tip!

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