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Re: MemoryInUse[] increases each time program is run?

At 2:48 PM -0400 5/1/97, AES wrote:
>I'm running a simple 6 cell program using Mathematica 2.2.1
>on a PowerMac 6100. System 7.5.1, which NDSolve's two coupled
>differential equations and plots the Evaluated solns.
>Every time I re-run it the MemoryInUse rises by 400K, eventually
>overflowing the kernel memory, even with 20 MB allocated to the
>kernel.  Putting Remove["Global`*"] or ClearAll["Global`*"]
>doesn't seem to change this.

Mma save all previous results in a session. You can zap them by


or use CleanSlate package by Todd Gayley found on MathSource. Mma 2.x does
have some memory leaks though. In my experience, the best thing to do is
simply quit and restart. You can just quit the kernel by the command Quit[].

In mma 3.0, you can use


to specify number of previous results to be saved.

 Xah, xah at,
 "Mathematics kills germs, cleans the toilet too."

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