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Help with Iteration.

This question might seem pretty basic, but I'm new to Mathematica. 
Thanks for all the responses I got from my last question.  They were all
very helpful.  It is always interesting to see several different
approaches to the same problem.  I am having a little trouble
translating a Do statement into a Table command.  How would you write a
statement like   Do[Print[{x,y}]; x=f[x, y]; y=z[x, y], {20}]  , but
that would output to a table.  ie the output would be in the form of
{{a, a}, {b, b}, {c, c}, ...} and not just a series of XY pairs printed
vertically.  Thanks in advance for any insights you might provide.

Alan Hunter <akh6n at>
The University of Virginia

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