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Re: Bug in pattern matching?

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  • Subject: [mg8736] Re: [mg8722] Bug in pattern matching?
  • From: Allan Hayes <hay at>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 22:28:03 -0400
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"Peter Strmbeck" <pqst at>
[mg8722] Bug in pattern matching?

wants to use pattern matching to convert
lst= {a[0],a[1],a[2],a[3],a[4],a[5]};
{{a[0]},{C a[1], C a[2], C a[3], C a[4]},{a[5]}}

but notices the result
ls/.{first_, middle___, last_}->{{first},C {middle},{last}}

	{{a[0]},{C a[1] a[2] a[3] a[4]},{a[5]}}

You need to  use :> (RuleDelayed) not -> (Rule)

ls /. {first_, middle___, last_} :>
	{{first}, C{middle}, {last}}

	{{a[0]},{C a[1],C a[2],C a[3],C a[4]},{a[5]}}

With {first_, middle___, last_}->{{first},C {middle},{last}}

the right side is evaluated to {first, Times[C middle], last}  
before any matching and passing of intances of first_, middle___,  
and Last are passed to the right. takes place. So we get we get
 	{{a[1]},{Times[C a[1] a[2] a[3] a[4]]},{a[5]}}.

With {first_, middle___, last_}->{{first},C {middle},{last}}

The matching and passing to the right occurs before any evaluation  
of the right, so we first get
	{{a[1]}, C {a[1] a[2] a[3] a[4]},a[5]},
and this then evaluates to
	{{a[0]},{C a[1],C a[2],C a[3],C a[4]},{a[5]}}

Allan Hayes
hay at
voice:+44 (0)116 2714198
fax: +44 (0)116 2718642
Leicester,  UK

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