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MathGroup Archive 1998

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Re: This Should Be Easy.

Hi Chris, try this:

In[1]:= m={{47,98},{34,45}};
In[2]:= stream=OpenWrite["test.dat"]; In[3]:=
WriteString[stream,ToString[TableForm[m]]]; In[4]:= Close[stream];


-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Farr <>
Subject: [mg11876] [mg11833] This Should Be Easy.

>Math Group:
>I'm just trying to ouput a matrix in Mathematica to a file without all
>of the { {}, {} } etc.  That is I want an ascii file that looks like
>the  following:
>47    98
>34    45
>.        .
>.        .
>.        .
>as opposed to
>My ultimate goal is to put the matrix data into Excel.  Is there an
>elegant way to do this?  I've perused the help in Mathematica but could
> not find anything.
>Thanks in advance,
>Chris Farr

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