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Graphics to File, color, postscript etc.

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  • Subject: [mg11881] Graphics to File, color, postscript etc.
  • From: "K. Nikolaj Berntsen" <>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 03:45:37 -0500
  • Organization: News Server at UNI-C, Danish Computing Centre for Research and Education.

Dear Group,

assume I have a piece graphics (output of Plot3D) in my 3.0.1 notebook,
named fig.

Now I can use

this give me a very low resolution postscript file in color.


Gives me a nice resolution, but some of my ticsmarks are lost. I have
played with ImageSize, but that doesn't seem to give me back my

Optimally I would like to use "EPS":

now I have the colours and scalable resolution, unfortunately I loose
mathematica's fonts; I have at some time seen a pointer at to
mathsource where you can download the fonts and send them to the
printer (has anyone got that pointer). This is not really a solution
since the image should be submitted to a journal, and I dont expect
them to be able to send the fonts to their "printer". Is there a fix
for the "EPS" environment?

I have also tried to go over a GIF, which I can convert to a nice
postscript file, unfortunately I loose some tickmarks again:


Any help out there?

Happy Computing, Nikolaj

N.B. Remove nospam in my email if you want to reply directly.
+------------------------------------------------------------+ | Ph.D.
stud., cand.scient. K. Nikolaj Berntsen	             | | Department of
Structural Engineering and Materials         | | Technical University
of Denmark;  DK-2800 Lyngby           | | URL:                         |

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