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Numeric Accuracy

Hello all,

I have a problem which is confusing me a bit. I have a rather  long
calculation, the results of which I am comparing to a finite  element
solution. Now, in defining the problem, I have a set of  physical

For the sake of discussion, they are a=10, t=0.05, L=16.1886,
W=207x10^9, n=0.3.

Leaving these as is, my analytic solution gives two solutions, 395325
and 128095. There is also a "wave number" (an integer)  associated with
these. The second of these solutions is correct  within 3%, and
predicts the same wave number as the FE solution.

However, when enter the dimensions as follows:

The solution now produces two solutions which are almost exactly  the
same, and have a value about 310551.7, which is quite a long  way from
the correct solution.

So, my question is, should I trust the machine precision  solution, on
the arbitrary precision solution?

Rod Pinna
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