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MathGroup Archive 1998

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Beginner ReadList

Hello, I am new to Mathematica and am having a little trouble figuring
out how to read a file and put the data into a variable so I can work
on it.

I have used 
In[1]:= data=ReadList[datafile,RecordLists->True,Number] and all I get
is that repeated as Out[1].

ReadList without the assignment seems to work OK and I  get a listing of
the data.  How does this work ? When I then try to look at data

In[2]:= data[[1]]

I get a repeat of the In[1] line.

If I do the ReadList, it creates a list, but if I then try ListPlot[%],
it gives me an error.

Also, is there an analogy to the rewind command. The file appears to
stay open and at the end of file. I had heard  there was a steep
learning curve for this program, but it looks like the reward will be

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I slog uphill ! remove 1001 to

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