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Animation to MPEG

Does anyone know of a way to convert a Mathematica animation into an
MPEG movie? So far, I have been exporting the animation frames into GIF
files using Display[] and then I use a DOS program to collect all the
GIF files into a single GIF89 file. This works only OK because the GIF
renditions produced by Mathematica do not fully exploit the 256-color
palette available to GIF files. Indeed you can check the quality of
different graphical format renditions under Mathematica by exporting
the same image (say a 3D image) as GIF and as TIFF using Display[]. The
TIFF image has the rich gamut of lighting that you normally see when
looking at the image on the Mathematica notebook. The GIF file,
however, is lackluster. It only uses a few colors. It definitively
looses its visual impact.

Try this...

pic=Plot3D[Exp[-(x^2+y^2)],{x,-2, 2}, {y, -2, 2}];

...and then take a look at the two picture files. (I assume you have a
GIF and TIFF viewer, of course.)

Alberto Raydan

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