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Re: ReadList of Mixed Data Types???

Todd A. Guillory wrote:
> I need to read this file into Mathematica:
> George Washington
> 1732,2,22
> 1777,12,15
> 1778,1,20
> This is just a test, but the data file format HAS to be this way.   I
> also have to use ReadList.  Don't ask!
> Anyway, I've tried several variations of ReadList with WordSeparator and
> such NEVER get all the data, just parts.
> The first record is a string, the remaining three need to be 3-3 part
> list of numbers.
> Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
> email

I have also had trouble with ReadList, but I have a work around that has
never failed me.  I read the entire data file in as a string using
Read[stream,String].  I then use the string manipulation commands to
massage it into the correct format and use ToExpression at the end to
convert it into a numerical expression. -- 
Remove the _nospam_ in the return address to respond.

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