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Display and HTMLSave

I would like to know if people working with Mathematica3.0.x on 
NeXT/NeXT-Intel/OPENSTEP are able to do a simple HTMLSave of a notebook
with  Cell and Graphic entries. 

Despite my every attempt at redefining font paths, including Type1 and X
font  directories together with NeXT fonts, redefining AFM font paths,
and -yes-  downloading the supposedly 'fixed' psrender version for
NeXT-Intel from, I
still can't get a  simple
Display["file.gif",Cell[BoxData["Hey"],"Input"],"GIF"] to give me a 
non-blank GIF file.  The most I can get is a "MGF" file if I aks for
it, and  then use psrender from a terminal to convert it to GIF, and
somehow this  seems to mean that the problem is with some font encoding
scheme that  psrender has associated with the direct GIF conversion
from Mathematica front-end.

So I wonder, doesn't anybody else have this problem, or ever tried  
converting a notebook to HTML?

Amaro Rica da Silva

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