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Re: Pattern matching more than once

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  • Subject: [mg12096] Re: Pattern matching more than once
  • From: Paul Abbott <>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 01:30:28 -0400
  • Organization: University of Western Australia
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ASARI Hirotsugu wrote:

> I have been stuck with the following problem for about 10 days.  I can't
> think of an elegant solution.
> Input: Two lists, from some universal set Output: Many "spliced" lists
> obtained from the input.
> e.g.    {{a,b,c},{d,e,f}} --> {{a,b,c},{d,e,f}} (no common element)
>         {{a,b,c},{d,b,f}} --> {{a,b,c},{d,b,f},{a,b,f},{d,b,c}}
>         {{a,b,c,d,e},{f,b,g,d,h}} -->
>                         {{a,b,c,d,e},{a,b,c,d,h},{a,b,g,d,e},{a,b,g,d,h},
>                          {f,b,c,d,e},{f,b,c,d,h},{f,b,g,d,e},{f,b,g,d,h}}

I think that the following code:

In[1]:=extendList[l_List]:= Module[{tr=Union/@Transpose[l]},

which relies on Transpose (to pair up elements from each list) Union (to
check for common elements) and Outer (to construct all allowed
combinations) does what you want:

In[2]:= extendList[{{a,b,c},{d,e,f}}] Out[2]= {{a,b,c},{d,e,f}}
In[3]:= extendList[{{a, b, e}, {d, b, f}}] Out[3]=
{{a,b,e},{a,b,f},{d,b,e},{d,b,f}} In[4]:=
extendList[{{a,b,c,d,e},{f,b,g,d,h}}] Out[4]=

I also feel that there should be a cleverer pattern-matching solution,
probably using ReplaceList ...


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