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RE: Catching Text of Error Messages

Hello Everybody out there !

I'm not quite familiar with Mathematica. I have to solve a Problem by
using Version 2.2 (Text Mode).

We want to characterisize "Blue Phase III", which is in context to
Liquid Crystals. Therefore it's nessesary to describe the Problem 
first with 3D Vektorfields and later in terms of 3D Fieldlines. But
this is the Problem : If a Fieldline leaves the Interplated Area, the
internal Function NDSolve of Fieldline3D gives the following error
message :

   Differential equation does not evaluate to a number at t = 1.61292. 

We understand, why the Problem occurs, but we want to know exactly the
number of t (here 1.61292) in a variable. Then we could limit  the
calcualtion of the Fieldline to t = ...

Now my Question :

Is it possilble to catch the Error-message within the value of t into a
string or better into an other variable like e.g. t_limit ?

I've tried various commands like Check, CheckAbort and assigning other
error Messages with NDSolve::ndnum = ... , but we found no way to get
the exact value of t.


I would be very happy if somebody could give a solution for
      the Problem (or even a hint) to me 


Many thanks to everyone, who think about the problem, please answer :-)

          Ulrich Roesch

Universtiy Of Kaiserslautern, Germany
    - Department of Chemistry -

My E-Mail addresses :    or

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