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Calculating eigenvector for zero eigenvalue

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  • Subject: [mg12140] Calculating eigenvector for zero eigenvalue
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  • Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 01:46:22 -0400
  • Organization: Deja News - The Leader in Internet Discussion

I am trying to calculate the eigenvector when the eigenvalue is zero for
a 9x9 matrix.

Using 'Eigenvalues' gives me several answers including zero, but also
some complex numbers. When I try using 'Eigenvectors' it trys to
compute the eigenvectors for all of the eigenvalues. Unfortunatly the
it seems that it can not calculate the eigenvectors for the complex
numbers and fails to provide an answer (it just runs for hours without
any output).

Does anybody know how I can calculate just the eigenvector corresponding
to the zero eigenvalue?


(I'm using Mathematica 3.0 for Win 95)

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