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MathLink: DLLMAIN error:linking with Borland C++ Builder 3

I am trying to using the MathLink capability of Mathemetica using
windows 95.  I am getting a general error in module DllMain when trying
to link with Borland builder 3.  Specifically I am trying to do the
addtwo example that they give.

Everything works great with the precompile and the compile but when it
gets to the Linking operation it fails (giving the DllMain message).
One thing I noticed is that
the /V4.0 is not a valid option when using TLINK32.  Also in the
Mathematica documentation
it is stated that the example given was compiled with Borland 5.0.  I
was told by Borland that
the Builder supersceded 5.0.

I would appreciate any help in resolving this problem.  Thanks.

My e-mail is:    kacen at

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