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MathGroup Archive 1998

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3.0 Typsetting Issues

I'd appreciate whatever help or suggestions anyone can give on the
following two problems:

1) For some reason, on-screen line breaks (in text and input cells)
occur about 1/4 inch before the right margin. However, when printed,
the margins are as they should be. The huge annoyance caused by this is
that on-screen page breaks are nearly meaningless! Getting good page
breaks by trial and error is a real pain. (I use a Mac with OS 8. Could
this be related to other known issues with the Appearance extension?)

2) Is it possible to change the default line-spacing multiplier option
for input cells to, say, 1.1, rather than 1.25? Nothing I've tried
seems to stick.

Thanks in advance!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Selwyn Hollis
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Savannah, GA 31419 USA

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