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MathGroup Archive 1998

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Re: Questions on MultipleListPlot

David Keith wrote:
> I am using MultipleListPlot to plot data previously acquired and stored
> as space delimited numbers in newline delimited records. Using
> "ReadList, RecordLists->True", it is easy to acquire the data as a list
> of lists, where each element of an inner list is a two-element list
> representing a data point. The length of the outer list and of the
> inner lists is variable, depending on the particular data acquisition.
>         Example:
>         data = {
>                 { {x11,y11},{x12,y12},{x13,y13} },
>                 { {x21,y21},{x22,y22},{x23,y23} },
>                 { {x31,y31},{x32,y32},{x33,y33} }
>                    }
> I am having two problems:
> 1) While ReadList easily acquires the data as a list of lists,
> MultipleListPlot wants to see separate lists as separate arguments, ie.
> "MultipleListPlot[list1,list2,list3, . . .], not
> MultipleListPlot[{list1,list2,list3, . . .}]. Can anyone recommend a
> method to feed a list of lists to MultipleListPlot?

Use Flatten or data[[1]] to get rid of unwanted parenthesis.

Remove the _nospam_ in the return address to respond.

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