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MathGroup Archive 1998

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Announcement of PYML (Python/Mathematica Interface)

  • To:
  • Subject: [mg10644] Announcement of PYML (Python/Mathematica Interface)
  • From: (David Konerding)
  • Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 03:10:09 -0500
  • Organization: UCSF Computer Graphics Lab

			PYML Announcement

It is my pleasure to announce the first public version of PYML.  PYML is
available at:

<a href="">PYML</a>

PYML is a Python interface to Mathematica which uses MathLink.  It
allows the Python programmer to evaluate Mathematica expressions.
Expressions are passed to PYML as a Python object, which is processed
into MathLink calls.  PYML calls MathLink to evaluate the expression
and prints the result.  Currently, PYML supports Mathematica 2.2 and
3.0 on Windows 95, UNIX, and presumably Macintosh (although it has not
been tested on this last platform).

I am releasing this version to get feedback from users on what they
think of the interface and to see if you can find and bugs or problems
with my code.

David Konerding

Email:    David Konerding     WWW:
Snail: Graduate Group in Biophysics
Medical Sciences 926, Box 0446
University of California
San Francisco, CA 94143

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