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Re: Re: Re: coordinate transformation

Sean Ross wrote:
> Take any two cartesian vectors with one end at the origin and the other
> at some arbitrary point.  We represent them by ordered triplets,
> {x1,y1,z1} and {x2,y2,z2}.  Lets convert them into spherical
> coordinates:  {Sqrt[x1^2+y1^2+z2^2],0,0} and
> {Sqrt[x2^2+y2^2+z2^2],0,0}.

Followed by:

> You ought to object at this point

YES!!!!  Are you seriously suggesting that, for example,
CoordinatesFromCartesian[{1,1,1},Spherical] should return {Sqrt[3],0,0}

> I am only illustrating broad concepts, not telling
> you exactly how to write your programs, nor writing a textbook on the
> subject of vector analysis.

You don't need to write a textbook.  Even a single specific example of
how a single specific function should behave would be helpful.

Dave Withoff
Wolfram Research

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