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Simplify Trig expressions

Hi to all!
Does anyone know why

In[1]:= a=Factor[Cos[b]^2-1]

Out[1]= (-1 + Cos[b]) (1 + Cos[b])

In[2]:= FullSimplify[a] // InputForm

Out[2]//InputForm= -Sin[b]^2

In[3]:= FullSimplify[3 a] // InputForm

Out[3]//InputForm= -3*Sin[b]^2

In[4]:= FullSimplify[c a] //InputForm

Out[4]//InputForm= c*(-1 + Cos[b])*(1 + Cos[b])

fails in the last case ?
(using Math ver 3.0 for HP-UX PA-RISC)

any idea ?
Cheers Tobias

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