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RE: 3-D to 2-D slice revisited

Michael Mihalik wrote:
I posted a message on here a week or so ago, about taking a slice of a
3-D graph, and then taking only one slice of it and looking at it in

<..NDSolve example snipped..>

I want to take the graph generated from the above partial differential
equation and view the y-z slice at x = 1. _________________________

I think this will solve your problem.

soln=NDSolve[{  D[y[x,t],t]== D[y[x,t],x,x]*0.01-D[y[x,t],t],
y[x,0]==If[x>0,0,1], y[0,t]==1,Derivative[1,0][y][1,t]==0} , y,
{x,0,1}, {t,0,2}];



(* Graphics not shown. *)

When you use 't_' on the left side of '=' any global values for 't' will
get in the way.  So I Clear[t] first.  Actually I think your use of
NDSolve would fail if 't' had a global vale, so the point is probably
mute.  I just like to be careful about using patterns on the left side
of '='.  Instead you could use ys[t_]:=..... in which case it doesn't
matter if 't' has a global value.  However ys[t_]:=.... is less

Ted Ersek

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