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Re: Shading Functions

Des Penny wrote:
> However the following does not work correctly.  I'm not sure why.
> In[7]:=
> Show[p2, ColorFunction->colorFun];
> I was under the impression that the above statement caused colorFun to
> operate on the z values of the function.  We should get the same plot
> as the preceeding Plot3D but we don't.  The output of the above clearly
> shows that colorFun is operating, but not correctly.
> Can anyone help explain what's going on?
> Cheers,
> Des Penny

Hi Des,

the on-line manual of Mathematica for ColorFunction explains:

The arguments provided for the function specified by ColorFunction are
always in the range 0 to 1. 

Thus there is another linear transformation of the z-values before
colorFun gets them.
Things work correctly, but are poorly documented (?ColorFunction does
not give this
piece of information.)



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