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Is it possible to use Perl's Math::ematica under Win95?

Hello everybody, I would like to control a DOS program from Mathematica.
This DOS program reads its arguments from a parameter file and writes
its output to a file. To have control of this program from within
Mathematica I would like to implement something like:

Mathematica <-----------------> Perl Script <---> DOS program
       Math::ematica                      (no access to source code)

Is this possible under the Win95 enviroment? I know it is possible under
Linux because Math::ematica was written for Linux, but I don't know if
it is possible to make this work under Win95.

The alternative is to do something like:

Mathematica <-----------------> C/C++ program <---> DOS program
       Math::ematica                        (no access to source code)

But that would be much more difficult for me.

Thank you in advance

Gustavo Delfino
TRW Automotive

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