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Please Help (again)

This is the following of the Please Help message.

As you imagine I am quite desesperate ...

With the Open Special command, I end up with cells like

    \\(Qext\\  /: \\ \\ m_\\  . \\ \\(Qext[d_]\\)[r_, s_]\\ \\  := \\n\\t
      With[{e = \\(Qext[d]\\)[r, s]}, \\ \\n\\t\\t
          \\((m[\\([1, 1]\\)]\\ e\\  + \\ m[\\([1, 2]\\)])\\)/
            \\((m[\\([2, 1]\\)]\\ e\\  + \\ m[\\([2, 2]\\)])\\)]\\  /; \\ \

Is there a way to convert such cells to more traditional cells?

How to use the Open special facility the more efficiently?

Please ...

Antoine Zahnd.

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