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Re: strange problem with tickmarks

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  • Subject: [mg19399] Re: [mg19372] strange problem with tickmarks
  • From: "Mark E. Harder" <harderm at>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 13:57:14 -0400
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    I can't solve your problem, but may I suggest that you try following
your Plot statement with an Options[%,"option name"] statement, which will
lisst the option assignments as Mathematica actually creates them.  I have a
similar problem with the following Show[] statement. Notice how the output
for the Options[] call shows that Mathematica (in this case, 3.0.2) inserts
a PlotStyle->Automatic assignment after my manual assignment, which cancels
out some of my assignments (at least that's what I think it did), and
resulted in a plot with default tick thicknesses (not what I wanted).

  FrameLabel->{"M Urea","Delta-G0 (kCal/Mol)"},
  FrameStyle->{{Thickness[.003 ],FrameTicks->Thickness[.002 ]},{
        Thickness[.003 ],FrameTicks->Thickness[.002 ]}},
  DisplayFunction->$DisplayFunction ]


So, perhaps the Options statement will reveal what Mathematica is up to, in
your case, as well.

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From: Martin Stockhammer <martin.stockhammer at>
To: mathgroup at
Subject: [mg19399] [mg19372] strange problem with tickmarks

>i am working with Mathematica 4.0.
>I plot the following function:
>Plot[x*3, {x, 0, 10}, Frame -> {True, True, True, True},
>  FrameLabel -> {"a", "b", "c", "d"},
>  FrameTicks -> {{{12,
>          "tick1", {0.006, 0}, {GrayLevel[0.],
>AbsoluteThickness[0.25]}}}, {{17,
>          "tick2", {0.006, 0}, {GrayLevel[0.],
>            AbsoluteThickness[0.25]}}}, {{12,
>          "tick3", {0.006, 0}, {GrayLevel[0.],
>            AbsoluteThickness[0.25]}}}, {{12,
>          "tick4", {0.006, 0}, {GrayLevel[0.],
>The problem is now, that the tickmark on the left edge does not appear.
>If I set
>a number (for example 1.7) as label, the tickmark can be seen.
>It seems as if the graphics-directive of the string overwrites the
>graphic directive
>of the tickmark.
>The problem is specific for Mathematica 4.0. In Mathematica 3.0 there is
>no such problem.
>Does anyone know, how this can be solved?
>Thank You
>Martin Stockhammer

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