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Problem using init.m to create notebook in front end

I have created a stylesheet named "RL01 stylesheet.nb" and have placed
it in the ...\FrontEnd\StyleSheets directory.

If, in an open notebook, I execute the command
NotebookCreate[StyleDefinitions->"RL01 stylesheet.nb"], a new, untitled
notebook is created using the specified stylesheet.

I would like the front end, upon startup, to automatically do the same
thing.  I.e., I would like the default notebook --  the one that
appears when the front end is opened upon loading Mathematica -- to be
a notebook that uses the specified stylesheet.

Toward this end, I have inserted the command
NotebookCreate[StyleDefinitions->"RL01 stylesheet.nb"] in my init.m
file.  However, this does not have the desired effect; I just get the
standard default untitled notebook upon startup.  (My init.m file is
clearly functioning, since all other commands in the file are being
executed properly.)

I am puzzled as to why this command works when executed from within an
existing open notebook, yet seems to have no effect in the init.m file.

I am aware that I can use the Option Inspector to achieve a somewhat
similar result, but I would like to do this through the init.m file

I am running Mathematica 3.0 under Windows 95.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Robert Lawrence

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