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Re: interpolatingfunction

 Here is a way to handle it:
say you want the Num Sol of an ODE as follows
 In[1]:  NDSolve[{y''[x] == y[x], y[0]==y'[0]==1}, y, {x, 0, 5}]

you would the following output
Out[1]: {{y\[Rule]InterpolatingFunction[{{0.,5.}},"<>"]}}

to define this as a funtion you can define a function as follows:

 In[2]: f[x_] := y[x] /. %1 [[1]]

the function f[x], valid only for 0<x<5, is basically what you are

Try it,
Juan A. Gonzalez-Castro, 

>On 12 Feb 1999 phpcp at wrote:
> hi all,
> i solved a d.e. using NDSolve and got a solution in
> InterpolatingFunction form. How can i define this as a function that
> returns values using an argument.
> thanks,
> sanjay

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