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Re: Q: Union and SameTest Option

Clemens Frey wrote:

> Can anybody explain to me what's going on here ?
> In[270]:=
> Union[ {{a,b,1},{a,c,1},{x,y,2},{a,b,2}},
>        SameTest->(#1[[2]]===#2[[2]]&) ]
> Out[270]=
> {{a,b,1},{a,c,1},{x,y,2}}
> is ok since the first and the last list element have the same second
> component. But what is wrong here now ?
> In[272]:=
> Union[ {{a,b,1},{a,c,1},{x,y,2},{a,b,2}},
>        SameTest->(#1[[3]]===#2[[3]]&) ]
> Out[272]=
> {{a,b,1},{a,b,2},{a,c,1},{x,y,2}}


Most intriguing, and I would venture that there is a bug somewhere. In fact,
if you split your original list into two parts, perform the Union operation
on each of them, and finally perform a Union on the two results, you get the
right answer:

Union[Union[ {{a,b,1},{a,c,1}},SameTest->(#1[[3]]===#2[[3]]&)],
  Union[ {{x,y,2},{a,b,2}},SameTest->(#1[[3]]===#2[[3]]&)]]

Tomas Garza
Mexico City

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