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Re: Problem with Mathematica 4. Someone can help me ?

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  • Subject: [mg18446] Re: Problem with Mathematica 4. Someone can help me ?
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  • Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 00:11:31 -0400
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Hi Partick:
   I also have the same problem  -- I called Wolfram since I have
Premier Service and got the following answer.  See below

Patrick Musso wrote:
> Hello,
> when I evaluate a notebook with Mathematica 4, the following error message
> appears very often :
> "Mathematica has detected a possible internal error. If possible, report the
> error to support at, quoting "Assertion 'nboxesToSend == 1' failed at
> matheditio.c:1508", and describe in as much detail as possible what you were
> doing when the error occurred."
> This error occurs with different notebooks which work very well with
> Mathematica 3.
> Does anyone have the same problem ?

    Wolfram has changed the way in which Mathematica 4.0 parses input
cells from the way in which Version 3.0 parses syntax in input cells. 
told me to put in a space and then backspace to remove the space. This,
supposedly, forces the front end to re-parse the contents of the cell
into whatever form that Ver 4.0 uses.  This DOES work -- however, I FIND
that even if you do this AND SAVE the file as a 4.0 Mathematica file, you still
have to do it AGAIN the next time you open the notebook.  This is a real
pain and counterproductive.  FURTHEER I have found that, with opening a
3.0 noebook with Ver 4.0, any cell that has multiple lines in it
separated by blank lines ALSO does not get parsed correctly by 4.0, yet
they ran beautifully in 4.0.  My guess is that if you RETYPEED
everything anew from scratch in a newly opened 4.0 notebook evertything
will be OK.

   I am really surprised that these kind of parsing errors created by 
erronously converting 3.0 notebooks got undetected by Wolfram's Beta
testing.  I expect a correction version to come out soon.  I am almost 
ready to de-install 4.0 and reinstall the older 4.0 version.  Since 
Wolfram people monitor this newsgroup perhaps they can provide us with
what their plans are to correct this situation. 
....Terry Harter

> Please, help me, it is a real Nightmare !
> Patrick Musso

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