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Re: LaTex on a Mac

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  • Subject: [mg18731] Re: LaTex on a Mac
  • From: Paul Abbott <paul at>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 02:36:47 -0400
  • Organization: University of Western Australia
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Jens-Peer Kuska wrote:

> > Why not use Alt-4 and then type the text?  No need to use the mouse.
> Because it generates a
> Cell[BoxData[
>     StyleBox[
>       RowBox[{"Some", " ", "Text"}],
>       "Section"]], "Input"]
> Instead of
> Cell["Some Text","Section"]
Simply hit the down arrow on the keyboard first and then use Alt-4 and
then type the text.

> I have typical more than 9 styles :-)
Yes -- but do you use all of them with equal frequency? I re-arrange
things so that the styles I need are accessible via Alt-n shortcuts.

> The WRI stuff offer a lot of nice palettes to create some custom inline
> cells
And I use these and my own palettes too.

> Yes because Mathematica has a better programming language. But creating
> such meta information need a extra processing of the notebook in the
> kernel -- not funny with a 200 MByte notebook :-)
Actually, isn't this processing in the front end?

> > > An other example, I have two macros \diff{f}{t} and \Diff{f}{t} to
> > > typeset \frac{\partial f}{\partial t} and \frac{\DifferentialD
> > > f}{\DifferntialD t}.
> > > Clearly the macros save a lot of typing.
> >
> > Well, not in this example. In both cases you can get the desired output
> > with 12 keystrokes, e.g.,
> >
> >     : p d : f : / : p d : t
> One more than to type \diff{f}{t}
> You dont't think that I'm not observe your dirty trick the correct
> keystrokes
> are
> :pd: f Ctrl/ :pd: t Ctrl Space
> 14 keystrokes where Ctrl/ is Ctrl + / Key and Ctrl Space are Ctrl+Space
> key
You don't need to use Ctrl+Space. Use the right arrow instead. Also,
whether you use Ctrl/ or / depends on exactly how you want the
expression formatted.

You did not comment on the use of Evaluate in Place? The real point here
is that TeX macros are "dumb" whereas Mathematica macros can access the
full power of Mathematica.

> It is -- we have made speed tests with out secretarys. One that only
> types with the keyboard one with all the funny Mouse-Menu actions. The keybord
> is always 2 times faster :-)
It must be nice to have secretaries formatting all your documents in
TeX.  If your computer had a touchpad instead of a mouse you would find
that your fingers effectively don't need to leave the keyboard. I was
thinking of a speed comparison between a user competent in TeX and one
competent in Mathematica.

> I have typical 20 - 100 formating macros. A bit to much for a style
> sheet.


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