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RE: Can we plot graphs over really small intervals?

Ranko Bojanic wrote:

I know  the function

f[x_] := 10 x^4 + Log[2 - x];

has a zero in the interval [2 - 10^(-69), 2 - 10^(-70)]
but I cannot draw the graph of f over that interval.
Mathematica says that x  in  {x, 2 - 10^(-69), 2 - 10^(-70)}
must have distinct numerical values.
You can make a change of variable so your small interval is near the origin.
The line below will make an acceptable plot.

Plot[10*(2 + u)^4 + Log[u], {u, 10^-69, 10^-70}, PlotRange -> All];

If you don't make the change of variable you can't easily label the tick
marks on the horizontal axis even if you did get a graphic.

Ted Ersek 

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