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Re: Basic Laplace Transforms

Don Metcalf <dmetcalf at> wrote in message
news:7v3cco$5vj at
> I am fairly new to Mathematica and can't understand why the program won't
> evaluate simple laplace transforms.  I am entering in the example exactly
> from the help file and still it doesn't work.  It just outputs what I have
> typed in.  Can someone help.  If I am doing something wrong, the user
> interface sure is not user friendly.
> LaplaceTransform[Sin[t], t, s]
> what going wrong??
> Paul
> pdm03 at

Works fine with Mathematica 4.0:

LaplaceTransform[Sin[t], t, s]

    1/(1 + s^2)

But for earlier versions you may  have to load an standard package.

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