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Re: drawing tilted ellipses?

You could use a polar definition :
r=1/(1+1/2 Cos[theta+Pi/6])


PolarPlot[r,{theta,0,2 Pi}]


On Tue, 26 Oct 1999, Joe Strout wrote:
> Is it possible to draw an ellipse in Mathematica that is not orthogonal
> to the XY axes?  E.g., leaning over 30 degrees?
> I thought perhaps I could specify it orthogonally and then apply a
> rotation transformation, but the only transformations available seem to
> be scaling (Scaled) and translation (Offset).
> Of course I could use a series of line segments, but I want this to be
> smooth even when printed on a high-resolution printer.  Any tips?
> Thanks,
> -- Joe
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