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Re: simple Simplify[] question

Ulf Saalmann wrote:
>  Hello,
>  why gives Mathematica
>                                      2 3/2
>       Simplify[(a^2)^(3/2)]        (a )
>  and not
>                                       3
>                                     a
>  and how to convince Mathematica to do it?
>  Thanks
>          Ulf  (us at

There are values of a for which
(a^2)^(3/2) is not equal to a^3.

In[5]:= {(a^2)^(3/2), a^3} /. a->-1
Out[5]= {1, -1}

In V4 you can give assumptions to Simplify, and if
you assume that a>=0 you get the simplification.

In[6]:= Simplify[(a^2)^(3/2), a>=0]

Out[6]= a
Best Regards,

Adam Strzebonski
Wolfram Research

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