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Re: Mathematica front end wants CharacterEncoding koi8-1 under Linux?

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  • Subject: [mg19875] Re: Mathematica front end wants CharacterEncoding koi8-1 under Linux?
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  • Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 01:20:56 -0400
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In article <7rsguk$3g7 at>, Andrew Mauer-Oats <please_mauer_no_spam at> writes:

>I am running Mathematica-3.01 on a solaris box displaying to linux
>machine running RedHat 6.0 with X-windows (XFree86-3.3.5). At a
>certain (somewhat unpredictable) time, the following message occurs:
>> Front End Message  (11:23:35 on 9/15/99)
>> The front end could not locate a CharacterEncoding file for the
>> requested encoding (koi8-1).
>This message does not occur when the front end is displaying on a
>solaris box.

Fonts are provided by the X server to which the front end is being 
displayed.  The instance of an encoding message such as this will
most likely occur when you select a font for use in a notebook and
the X server replies to the front end that the font uses a character
encoding for which there exists no corresponding resource file.

The encoding koi8-1, if my memory serves me right, is an encoding used
for fonts with Cyrillic (Russian) glyphs.  You can verify whether there 
are such fonts on your X server's font path by executing the following
command in a shell on the machine where the X server is running.

xlsfonts | grep 'koi8-1$' | less

This will filter out X logical font descriptions (XLFDs) of which have
this string of text.  Look in the last two fields of each XLFD to see
if you have entries which have "koi8-1" in the last two fields.  
If you have such fonts on your system, and they are isolated in one
directory, you may want to consider removing the directory from your
X server's font path before launching Mathematica:

xset fp- <full path to directory with Cyrillic fonts>

Otherwise, you can opt to ignore the messages as they are benign.

>If I have been working in a notebook, then I cannot see further things
>I type, and redisplay seems broken. Sometimes I will be in the help
>browser, and then things do not get so messed up.
>One simple way to cause this problem is to start up clean and type:
>x = {{2,0},{1,4}};
>x // MatrixForm
>The matix is displayed fine, but then further typing below that in the
>notebook is invisible (although it appears to run). No output is
>displayed, either. When I copy and paste the first cell repeatedly, it
>displays fine in the region already displayed, but then is abruptly
>cut off below the last output box.
>I have looked in the Mathematica Technical info and problem solving
>database, and have not seen this problem listed.

Redraw problems, or slowness to respond to events mouse and keystroke
events, may be evident when an X client is displayed over a network
connection that is relatively slow, such as a dial-up line.  If you
are connected through a fast (ethernet) network, with a relatively
few bottlenecks between you and the remote host where the client is
running, then you may want to check over the flags with which your
X server is being launched.  Sometimes flags which crank up 
acceleration can cause loopy behavior.  If the problem cannot be 
traced to either of these symptoms, and you are using a site license
version of Mathematica, see your local system admin to find out
who on campus serves as a technical contact for Mathematica.  Such
individuals may contact Wolfram Research directly for technical

P.J. Hinton
Mathematica Programming Group           paulh at
Wolfram Research, Inc.
Disclaimer: Opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.

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