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Re: best solution?

Peter Weijnitz [peter.weijnitz at] wrote:

> I have a function e.g F[a,b,c,x] =a Sin[b x +c]  and a number of parameter
> triplets
> k={{a1,b1,c1},{a2,b2,c2},{a3,b3,c3},....}.
> I would like to feed my function the parameter values in an good
> and simple
> way, how?
> (Picking out the elements like k[[3,2]]=b3 e.t.c is not what I want.)
> /Peter

Of course, it all depends how you want to use your setup, but would
something like this work for you?

k = {{a1, b1, c1}, {a2, b2, c2}, {a3, b3, c3}};

g[w_, x_] := w[[1]]*Sin[w[[2]]*x + w[[3]]]

g[k, x]
{a1 Sin[a3 + a2 x], b1 Sin[b3 + b2 x], c1 Sin[c3 + c2 x]}

Tomas Garza
Mexico City

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