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RE: Rotation of 2D graphics

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  • Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 01:51:40 -0500 (EST)
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Rotating the axes, labels and everything?

The short answer, which may be all you need, is FullGraphics:


"FullGraphics[g] takes a graphics object, and generates a new one in which
objects specified by graphics options are given as explicit lists of
graphics primitives."


A longer answer:



"TransformGraphics[graphics, f] applies the function f to all lists of
coordinates in graphics."


generalrotation[point_, radians_, rotationcenter_]:=

ShowRotation[graphics_Graphics, radians_, rotationcenter_]:=
      generalrotation[#, radians, rotationcenter] &
    AspectRatio -> Automatic]

sineplot = Plot[{Sin[6x], Sin[4x]}, {x, 0, 2},
    PlotStyle -> {{}, Hue[0]},
    PlotLabel -> "Two Frequencies"]

ShowRotation[sineplot, 25 Degree, {0,1}]

Is that what you want to do?  (If so, I'd be interested to know about your
broader purpose for this.)

Note:  FullGraphics turns tick labels (and PlotLabel settings, etc.) into
explicit Text primitives:  rotating the position of a Text primitive is
straightforward, rotating the actual text characters is much more work, and
may not be possible without building a new front end.

Preston Nichols
Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Cornell College 

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From: Stephen Sheppard [mailto:Stephen.C.Sheppard at]
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Subject: [mg26439] [mg26432] Rotation of 2D graphics

I have some graphics generated by showing several 2d plots, and I would like
to be able to spin these about a specified point.  This is very easy if
everything has been generated using primitives like Line, Point, etc.  What
I would like to be able to do is to take an entire image that can be viewed
using "Show" and rotate it by r radians about the point {x,y}.  Something


would then produce the graphic with everything (including the axes, labels,
etc.) rotated.

Any suggestions?  I would be happy if this were obvious.

Stephen Sheppard
Department of  Economics
Williams College

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