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Simplifying a simple expression in Mathematica 3.0.x

Hi everyone,

I have a rather bothersome question regarding Mathematica 3.0.x under
Windoze NT. 

Suppose I have an expression given by:

In[1]: test=((a+b*c)^d)/((a^2+a*b*c)^e)

I'd like variables a, b, c, d, e to be all real, and so I enter:

In[2]: a /: Im[a]=0; b /: Im[b]=0; c /: Im[c]=0; d /: Im[d]=0; e /: Im[e]=0;

If I also know that a>0, (a+b*c)>0, is there a 'simple' way to get
Mathematica (3.0.x) to simplify the expression 'test' to


Or is this something that is only possible in Mathematica 4.0.x?



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