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ANNOUNCE: jmath-0.9.10-2 a command-line frontend for Mathematica

JMath <> is a text based
frontend for Mathematica <> that is based
on the GNU Readline library <>.  It
is to Mathematica what tcsh/bash are to csh/sh.  If you don't know
what these are then you probably don't want this program.  The
following are some of it's advantages over the default text based
frontend 'math'.

  o Command line editing(emacs/vi) and history (via readline)
  o Symbol completion
  o Filename completion within strings and after << and >>
  o Lets Mathematica know when terminal is resized
  o Moves cursor to position of syntax errors for easy correction

In order to build JMath you will need a copy of GNU Readline. If you
don't have it it can be found at <>.
Readline versions less than 2.2 wont complete filenames properly.

I have tested JMath on Solaris/Linux/Irix with Mathematica-3.0/4.0
and readline-2.1/2.2/4.0.

Changes in 0.9.10-2 since the previously announced version 0.9.6:

  o Ported to Mathematica 4.0
  o Completion of symbols in other Contexts
  o Filename completion within strings and after << and >>
  o Filename completion ignores files with certain endings (e.g. ~)
  o Fixed initial terminal resize under Linux
  o Allow C-c of long output
  o Ensure the Run[] function gets the terminal for stdin/stdout/stderr
  o Allow long lines to be continued with a \
  o Fixed up the RPM build procedure.  
    - The tarball is now effectively a big SRPM. 'rpm -ta jmath.tar.gz'
    - The RPM builds cleanly on both libc5/glibc6 (possibly with
      the help of my gcc-libc5 and readline-libc5 packages)

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