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Re: Saving

Robert wrote:
> hello!
> how can i create a file name in a variable in a program to save results?
> For example,
> result=1
> filename= SequenceForm["test", i, ".asc"] /. {i -> 1}
> Put[result, filename]
> gives the output:
> General::stream: test1.asc is not a string, InputStream[ ], or
> OutputStream[ ].

The reason fo this behaviour is, that "filename" is of type
"SequenceForm" not "String":
In[]:= Head[filename]
Out[]= SequenceForm

Convert it using "ToString"
In[]:= filename = ToString[filename];
Now all is fine:
In[]:= Head[filename]
Out[]= String

> by the way, is there a way to save (all) variables with name and current
> content?

Have a look at "Save" in the online help.


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