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Evaluating a Notebook down to a selected point (without mousing)?

Reposting a query I posted once before, since I never got a useful answer:

You can evaluate an entire notebook, no matter where the insertion point
currently is in the notebook, with two keystrokes: ctrl-A, Enter (plus
maybe an initial arrow key to get you out of the current cell).

But suppose you're editing down through a long notebook; have just edited
a cell somewhere in the middle; and want to evaluate the notebook starting
from the beginning down to and including that cell.  Is there an
equivalent two (or three) keystroke, no mouse, no scrolling way to do

Alternatively, is there an all-purpose "Stop" or "Abort" cell you can put
in right after the cell you've just edited, so that execution stops there
and control returns to the keyboard?

Email cc of replies to siegman at appreciated.

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