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With[{software=Mathematica}, Frustration]

Pages 359-360 of The Mathematica Book says (admittedly, taken a little 
out of context), 

   "You can think of  With  as a generalization of the /. operator. . ."


   " With[{x=x0}, body]  works essentially like body /. x->x0 . . . "

Great, looks neat, let's try it for evaluating expressions without 
permanently setting the variables in them:

   In[1]:= c = a b

   Out[1]= a b

   In[2]:= c

   Out[2]= a b

   In[10]:= c /. {a -> 2, b -> 3}

   Out[10]= 6

   In[3]:= With[{a = 2, b = 3}, c]

   Out[3]= a b

*Not* what I was hoping for  . . .

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