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RE: Plotting multiple functions using Map

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> From: Grischa Stegemann [mailto:Stegemann at Physik.TU-Berlin.DE]
To: mathgroup at
> Dear group
> I have a two parameter function, e.g.
> In[1]:= f[x_,y_]:=x+y
> Now I would like to plot f[x,y1],f[x,y2],... within the same chart.
> Usually you would try something like this:
> In[2]:= Plot[{f[x,1],f[x,2],f[x,3]},{x,-3,3}]
> Since my list of y's is pretty long I tried this:
> In[3]:= ylist={1,2,3};
>         Plot[Map[f[x,#1]&,ylist],{x,-3,3}]
> but Mathematica complains
>   Plot::"plnr": (f[x, #1]&)/@ylist is not a machine-size real number
>                 at x=-2.9999997


You idea is right on the mark. You only forgot that Plot has the attributes
HoldAll, so you need to Evaluate to obtain the desired list of functions.

Plot[Evaluate[Map[f[x, #1] &, ylist]], {x, -3, 3}];

David Park
djmp at

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